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Help! What to Do in Case When You Need an Emergency Dentist Irvine

Dental emergencies all share one profound thing in common – they are frightening! Whether your child lost a tooth trying to catch a fly ball, a recent car collision resulted in the loss of teeth or neglect has led to a state of dental emergency, a panic button gets pushed inside our minds that rightfully leads people to think they need help, and fast.

At Newport Irvine Dental, we are used to getting these types of calls. That’s what sets us apart as a premier emergency dentist in Irvine. We have the skill, experience, and friendly staff needed to confront dental emergencies and help calm our patients back into a state of satisfaction. These types of events vary in severity, but they are almost always the cause of much concern for the patient.

For this reason, we commit ourselves fully to applying our knowledge and soft dental touch as a method to help out our clients who are facing these circumstances. There are many reasons why people run into emergency dental situations:

  • Neglected to visit the dentist for several years
  • Toothaches gone wild
  • Accidents
  • Bar brawls (or, more commonly, just horsing around with the kids)
  • Financial worries

Whatever the case may be, there is no escaping an emergency once it comes up, which is why we make ourselves available to help our dental friends who may be in need. We offer solutions that include pain-free care of target areas.

If you have found yourself in one of these situations that you consider a dental emergency, then it is best not to wait any longer and find the right kind of care for your need! If you live in Irvine, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, or Lake Forest, then give us a call at Newport Irvine Dental and let us know so that we can help get you in, out, and ready to recover from whatever dental emergency comes your way!