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Welcome to Newport Irvine Dental, office of Dr. Donald Grupe.  Thank you for choosing us for your oral health needs.  Working together to achieve complete and long lasting oral health is our treatment goal for everyone.  Patient comfort during every office visit is our top priority.  We do our best to facilitate a relaxing and welcoming dental environment that patients can look forward to returning to time and again.  Your ability to feel comfortable during your visit begins with a welcoming lobby, refreshment amenities and pleasant treatment rooms all designed to minimize anxiety and facilitate relaxation.  Dental technology is ever changing and constantly evolving.  Dr. Grupe and all staff stay relevant to new innovations that allow us to diagnose and treat ordinary as well as very specific oral conditions.  This allows our office to provide unsurpassed care to our valued patients.  If you are in search of a premier dentist who will attend to your specific dental needs, contact Newport-Irvine Dental at your earliest convenience to schedule your consultation with Dr. Grupe.  We look forward to having you and your family as patients for many years to come.


“Quality never happens by accident. It is always a result of highly conscious planning, thoughtful and dedicated leadership, diligent and sustained effort, and exacting execution. It is the superior means to accomplishment among many other lesser options.”

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