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Dear Patients and Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you dramatic new procedures in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry.

Remarkable new products and advanced technology have united to make dental enhancement of teeth and smile, feesible and affordable for more people than ever before.  We can contour, brighten, shade, fill-in, align, and even replace teeth with these amazing materials and techniques.  In certain instances, the combination of science and art in modern dentistry can produce marvelous results that frequently eclipse even the patient’s expectations.

When your smile is healthy and attractive, everyone agrees that other benefits will follow… “A smile is the greatest gift of all.” Your smile alone leads to an improved self-image and greater level of happiness.

I am very excited about these new dimensions in dentistry and look forward to finding how you may benefit from them as well!

With Care,

Dr. Donald Grupe


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Top Cosmetic Dental Center Everyone should see a general dentist for routine oral health examinations, twice-yearly cleanings, and treatment of routine oral health complications, such as minor tooth decay.

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Find a Local Dentist Patients who visit a general dentist can expect professional oral health care, as well as education and advisement about self-care between office visits.